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Having trouble finding TENANTS?

Property Management

Ramblei will release all your concerns! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have properties near Temple University, University City, Central City, Fishtown, Fairmount Ave, and Northern Liberties. We can sign a long-term lease with you, or we can help manage your properties. You can save money with our efficient maintenance services and quick vacancy filling. We provide quality assurance, service, and repairs. Moreover, a home interior design team will help increase your rental price and the occupancy rate!

If you are looking for tenants:

  • We can rent your property for long-term (2-4 yrs.), and you will be able to receive a stable rental income.

  • Our team will perform property assessment and prepare refurbishment plan to upgrade your property thoroughly with decent furniture and decoration.

  • Your property then will be listed on Ramblei for potential tenants.

  • With better property condition and upgraded interior design, we will be able to find tenants more efficiently.

If you needed help with property management:

  • Our team will perform property investigation and assessment, to negotiate a reasonable rental rate with you and sign the property management agreement.

  • Your property will be posted on Ramblei for potential tenants.

  • We will also help with renters’ background check and will inform you if there are qualified tenants.

  • After you successfully signed a contract with renters, we will also help with period property monitoring for damages.

If you needed short-term Airbnb management:

  • We will prepare a design plan based on the location, style and desired customer group for your property.

  • Our team will perform property upgrade, including but not limited to renovation, furnishing, and decoration.

  • The upgraded property will be posted and management via Airbnb and Ramblei, you will receive payment subtracted management fee monthly.

  • We have service team for every part of the short-term rental --- daily maintenance, cleaning, and inspection!

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