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Collaboration with Post Brothers

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

This summer, YD Fortune collaborated with Post brothers - a world class real estate property developer on their renewal events. At these events, YD Fortune provided food and amenities and had a chance to work with post brothers in making this event unforgettable. The guests got a chance to try out many different kinds of delicious Chinese cuisines from some of the most famous Chinese restaurants in chinatown, which were quickly delivered by one of our sponsors, ‘Chowbus’. The scene at Presidential City that evening could be described as high energy and happy with a hint of ambition. For those that left their comfort zones, they had a chance to try out the exotic foods from Asia and learn more about the plentiful rental properties made available for them. For those that were not looking to rent, this would’ve been a great chance to network with all of the influential brokers and agents that were present for the event. Overall, the collaboration between YD Fortune and Post Brothers was quite eventful.


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