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Our 2019 YeShi Chinatown Night Market is only 1 day away!

Chinatown Nightmarket Yeshi is an annual event where over 20,000 visitors will come out to try the food and services provided by over 50 vendors. At the Yeshi event, you can expect live entertainment from local Korean dance groups to up and coming American rock bands. This year the Chinatown Nightmarket Yeshi will be held on 10th street from Vine street to Arch street and on Race Street from 9th street to 11th street from 7pm to 11pm on October 10th. The 60 anticipated vendors who will show up will bring with them food, which includes food from Asian cuisines to European classics to American desserts.

While attending the event, there will be entertainment from cultures all throughout Asia and an ambiance like you’ve never seen before. This year, Ramblei is partnering up with Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation(PCDC) and offering our full hearted support. Ramblei will be there to offer free snacks and free membership card registration. Additionally, Ramblei will be there doing giveaways for free gift cards and other free goods. The food will be amazing, the mood will be unforgettable, and the only thing missing is you!


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