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UPENN Homecoming

Cornell University's Big Red is coming to town to face University of Pennsylvania’s Quakers this Saturday at 1:30PM for this semester’s second homecoming game and boy are we excited!

This game celebrates the 10th, 25th and 35th Ivy League championships which occured in 2009,1994 and 1984. In the last ten meetings, Penn has won eight of the ten games, which Penn won by at least one touchdown or seven points. The previous meeting between Penn and Cornell was on November 2nd 2018 in Ithaca, where Penn beat Cornell 20-7. Regardless of the track record, Cornell still proves to be a challenge for Penn’s football team each year and it will still be a game both schools look forward to. This year’s game is going to be big and we’re going to be there for it all.

Once again, at homecoming, we will celebrate the game by providing snacks, discounts and free giveaways for the attendees, until our supplies run out. We will arrive around 9:30-10am to prepare and set up our station. The discounts include 10-20% off for many popular restaurants in the University City area as well as areas in Chinatown and Center City. These discounts range from popular Asian restaurants such as Bai Wei and Ochatto to dessert escapes such as A La Mousse. Regardless of the discounts and benefits that comes along with attending the homecoming event, everyone should come and experience the atmosphere of the intense rivalry between Penn and Cornell.

The previous homecoming that we attended was quite successful and this one will hopefully be just as successful. We hope we will have a chance to meet new people as well as catching up with already acquainted people. We can’t wait to celebrate the upcoming homecoming with everyone attending. We’ll see you there!


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