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YD Fortune Press Release 2019

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Ricki Li, founder of notable real estate investment firm YD Fortune, is building a real estate empire. Starting in Center City Philadelphia, and building from the ground up, Li has managed to own and operate all cogs in the real estate machine. From construction to an interior design team, she cuts out the middleman while cutting costs. This gives customers access to a standardized service with impeccable quality in Philadelphia's most sought after areas.

YD Fortune LLC was founded by Ricki Li in July of 2018, as an entity to serve real estate investors by managing their properties and develop large scale real estate projects. From purchasing undervalued properties and performing property "flips", she gained abundant experience in property acquisition, renovation, and property management. Starting in 2006. Li founded YD Hardwood Floors USA Inc, followed by YD Real Estate Development, LLC. These ventures have laid the foundation for what has become one of the most innovative real estate investment firms to hit the Philadelphia market.

Li holds the standard that YD Fortune, LLC is built on a strong belief in quality, functionality, and innovation. When asked what the secret is to her success and business model, Li replied, "YD Fortune strives to build an ecosystem to integrate every aspect of real estate sectors to achieve the maximum profitability, which is a first in the industry." She went on to state, "We provide packaged services to assist our clients to start real estate projects, starting from land or property acquisition, to interior design, to providing construction materials. This leads to managing the construction process, and property management, with our Ramblei platform.

YD Fortune has recently launched its highly anticipated hospitality platform, Ramblei. Ramblei was created to ease any city-living anxiety associated with renting. The platform offers flexible rental terms, one-stop housing services and membership program to organize, maintain and expand the YD customer base. This enhances the effectiveness of relationships and communication between tenants, local merchants, and real estate investors, which ultimately improves the investment project profitability on a long-term basis.

Moving Forward, YD Fortune plans to expand their properties to Old City, Philadelphia and eventually Washington D.C.

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