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YD Fortune successfully hosted the YD Fortune Rooftop party ————

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

The launch of Ramblei Hotel Style Condos in the evening of August 21st !

Let’s be honest, you probably don’t remember what you did on August 21st, 2019. Fortunately, for those that attended the long-awaited YD Fortune rooftop party, a networking event for some of Philadelphia’s most notorious business and real estate entrepreneurs; everyone who attended remembered it like it was yesterday. The party presented the launch of the Ramblei style condos.

“…everyone knew us as a construction material provider on Washington Ave. Now, we have broadened our business to property management and real estate development.”. These words signaled to everyone who were watching the YD Group that they wanted to prove that they will evolve into something bigger than just a construction company.

In the distant background at the rooftop party you will hear the chattering of some of the most influential individuals in real estate, banking and business. You’ll see Emily Bittenbender conversing with Ricki Li or Ken Wellar having a chat with Justin Krik. Maybe you’ll see Colette deChalus Lee discussing future business plans with Mr. Tobias Biddle. The ambience was set for a night of opportunities and a night that many could not forget about.

The host gives us the opening speech and introduces the audience to YD group’s CEO Qi (Ricki) Li. Ricki Li makes her way to the front podium, everyone applauds and anticipates the words that would change the YD Group’s future forever. With her eyes piercing through the crowd, she announces the launch of Ramblei Style Condos and gives a summary of the value that these new properties will bring to the company as well as to the users of the Ramblei platform. The speech ends with everyone applauding and the night continues with networking, good food and good drinks for everybody. For sure, this was a night that was unforgettable for many.

There was also a delightful surprise in this event, which is --- the helicopter ride. This helicopter ride, served exclusively to our diamond guests, gave everyone in the group a once in a lifetime experience of the breathtaking scenery of Center City skyline and Ramblei hotel style Condominiums in some of the best locations in the city.

—————Citybizlist, which is read by high-level business professionals with money and power in the local marketplace, also release a report for our event.

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