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Mid-Autumn Festival in the Northeast

Updated: Sep 11, 2019


It is almost that time of the year for the Chinese and Vietnamese community, the tasting of mooncakes and the joyful laughters of both children and elders. Although this festival is quite the event, not many people know why people celebrate this joyful day. This festival dates back to the first century, with different people celebrating it for different reasons. For the farmers, it indicates the celebration of a bountiful harvest and for others, it is a day where they pray to the moon deity to help fulfill their romantic wishes. Regardless of the reason, the Mid-autumn festival brings everyone together to celebrate an amazing day.

The daily China

Symbolism in the festival

Symbolism is everywhere at the Mid-autumn festival. Every year, individuals pray to the moon deity so that she can fulfill their romantic wishes for the years to come. Lanterns light up the sky at the festival. Each and every lantern that is lit up shows the warmth to that will after a cold winter and good fortune for the future generations. Lastly, the moon cakes which is one of the hallmarks of tradition for this festival represents the completeness and the reunion of families. The very existence of this festival is a symbolism of harmony, peace, completeness, good fortune and hope for the future.

About the event

September 15th, 2019

Frankford Avenue and Cottman Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19136

YD Fortune

The 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar where the moon is at the fullest is an important day for the asian community and YD Fortune. YD Fortune wants to help fulfill the hopes and dreams for the future generations and in order to do so, they will be providing as much help as possible for this event. The multi-service company (which focuses on development, management and urban life) sees that this is an amazing opportunity to unite the asian communities as well as the other communities in Northeast Philadelphia and will be organizing this event.

The YD Group will have our own booth at the event and do giveaway such as posters, pins, mid-autumn postcard and many more. This event will be big and YD Fortune wants to be part of this monumental day for the communities in the greater northeast area. Like how the moon cake represents unity and completeness, YD Fortune wants to aid in the completeness and the unity of the Asian community and the other communities in the Northeast Philadelphia area.


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